Take a Deep Breath, ‘BZ

Earlier today we noted the San Diego Chargers’ propensity for talking a bit too much, especially about the Patriots. We all know the hype meter is ratcheted up to 11 and everyone is waiting for someone, please let it be Philip Rivers, to say something unconscionably stupid.

Well, WBZ couldn’t wait, and they went after a San Diego columnist, who was employing a little writing device we like to call “hyperbolic humor.”

In his column today, veteran scribe Nick Canepa tells the national media to get over its disappointment at not seeing an epic Colts-Patriots game, and he’s right. It’s not the Chargers fault that the Colts choked and lost another home playoff game.

Here are the offending grafs:

But America saw Cain vs. Abel in Colts-Patriots. Indy coach Tony Dungy is a prince. There may be a day when white smoke comes out of the Sistine Chapel for him at The Vatican. Quarterback Peyton Manning has been on television more than Dick Clark. They’re good. They’re Midwest genteel.

Meanwhile, there’s Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots. Belichick is as good a coach as we’ve seen, but he’s evil. He makes Al Davis look like Barney Fife. He’s a captured cheater.

Oddly enough we haven’t seen any headlines in any Indy media outlets saying: San Diego columnist calls for Tony Dungy’s sainthood. You know why? Because Canepa wasn’t being serious.

In other words, get a grip WBZ. Yeesh.