Ladies and Gentlemen. . . Romney Girl

1201102733Liberals always joke that the Democratic party is the sexiest of the two major parties. (Nobody wants a piece of elephant… get it?!) The 2008 campaign has relied heavily on YouTube to generate interest in candidates. Some YouTube clips feature a little something for the ladies. For the men, there’s the wildly popular Obama Girl.

But the Dems may not have the corner on internet hotness forever. The Republicans now have their own internet tart. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Romney Girl.

It’s so perfect. The well-to-do girl (she stands in front of a two-car garage) warbles her own lyrics along to Bowling for Soup’s “1985.” The chorus is redone as follows:

Since Walter Mondale, Geraldo, way before Nintendo,
There was Brezhnev, and Soviets, still had their own country,
Now we need a president who’s smart and strong and really cool,
Like the guy we had in 1985.

Unlike that stodgy Barack Obama, Romney has embraced the wholesome young lady. Even his sons are delighted with the legging-clad blonde. We’re just delighted a girl who was probably a zygote in 1985 can cite some Cold War history. Must be the benefit of the private school education we’d wager she’s getting.