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1201612574Avalon joins the Rat in that great row of concert halls in the sky: The Lyons Group sold beloved clubs Axis, Avalon, Rocket Bar, and Embassy to Live Nation, which will reopen the space as the House of Blues. Ugh. [Herald]

We bet Tom Brady will win in a landslide as a write-in candidate: Urban planning goes awry as it becomes clear that if the Patriots win the Super Bowl, the parade through the streets of Boston must be held on Super Tuesday. [Globe]

A terrible scourge descends on Southie: South Boston residents and politicians fear that the condition of the housing market will lead to condo developers renting their unsold units to college students, turning the area into another Allston-Brighton. [Herald]

Maybe if they add some Wi-Fi people will take it: The MBTA promises that all the headaches caused by the planning and construction of the Greenbush commuter rail line will eventually be worth it, despite the fact that most of the line’s new riders are boat commuters that switched to the train, not the drivers the line was supposed to take off the road. [Globe]