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1201872477You’d better hope we don’t have a natural disaster anytime soon: Massachusetts National Guard units don’t have the proper equipment they need to respond to a crisis. The study found that only 46 percent of the vehicles and equipment the Guard would need to respond is currently in Massachusetts and operational. [Globe]

Janet Jackson ruined it for everybody: This year’s Super Bowl commercials won’t be the risque spots we’re used to seeing during the game, but will instead reflect the fact that watching men beating on each other for a few hours is a family show. [Herald]

Yup, no recession here: Fidelity Investments will lay off 100 Boston employees as the company restructures. Happy Friday! [Globe]

Somewhere, Mitt Romney breathes a sigh of relief: A level 3 sex offender who was released by a judge—despite testimony that he was still dangerous—allegedly raped a 6-year-old boy in a New Bedford library yesterday. Thankfully for Romney, the judge was appointed by former acting Gov. Jane Swift. [Herald]