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1202131354Crap, that actually happened: We hoped we were having wing-induced hallucinations, but it appears the Patriots actually lost the Super Bowl 17-14. [Herald, Globe]

Seriously, where was the Tom Brady we know and love? John McCain met with voters at the Green Dragon Tavern in Boston yesterday, and stayed in the city to watch the Super Bowl. Which the Patriots somehow lost. [Herald]

Too bad there won’t be any 19-0 banners to replace them: Some people are upset that holiday decorations are still on display, while others like the splash of color in the dead of winter. A splash of red. Much like Bill Belichick’s red hoodie that we now associate with feelings of pain and confusion. [Globe]

Casino revenue is dwindling faster than our hopes for a perfect season did last night: Casinos in Connecticut and Atlantic City are losing money as more gaming facilities open in nearby locations, causing some to doubt that casinos in Massachusetts would produce as much revenue as Gov. Deval Patrick estimates. [Herald]

Another Manning with a ring. Ugh: All the Patriots fans are sad. [Globe]