Kanye West Takes Fashion Advice from Star Simpson?

1202749022Boston’s relationship with LED lights is a tenuous one. Last year, the city was paralyzed with fear when a couple of dirty artists installed Aqua Teen Hunger Force displays that the police thought were bombs. On the positive side, the beloved Citgo Sign in Kenmore Square now uses LED lights instead of neon tubes.

But LED lights were an object of scorn once again after MIT student Star Simpson decided to wear her light-up sweatshirt when she went to pick her boyfriend up at the airport. But the tide may be turning for light-up clothing. Not only are fashionable geeks showing their work in Boston, but at last night’s Grammys rapper Kanye West brought LED lights to the mainstream.

Somewhere, Star Simpson is pissed.

West lit up the stage with a performance of his single “Stronger” dressed in a jacket with flashing LED lights and light-up shades.

1202748966Let’s review. Star Simpson wears a homemade LED hoodie to the airport and gets arrested. Kanye West wears and LED blazer to a major awards show and will doubtlessly be celebrated for his experimental taste. Though, to be fair, Kanye’s rad blazer didn’t have visible wires hanging out of it.

Hope the security team at Logan is paying attention. Now that Kanye’s worn an LED-emblazoned item, it’s only a matter of time before all the kids will be wearing them.