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1202757570But think of all the candy he can buy for the neighborhood kids! In the latest criminal-turned-millionaire story, a Level 3 sex offender won a $10 million jackpot on a scratch ticket. [WBZ]

The sad face of single motherhood: Bridget Moynahan and her “birth partner” and gay BFF Sam Harris have cropped up on YouTube. In the clip, they talk about the birth of John Edward Thomas Moynahan and look like they’re having the best time ever. [WCVB]

Now that’s impressive: A 28-year-old New Hampshire man was arrested for not paying about 1,300 tolls, owing about $1,800. Maybe he should start playing the lottery. [Globe]

Aww, we just want to hug them! The Stone Zoo has announced that it will put two black bears on display this spring. Yes, we know they’re wild animals that would chew us to bits if given the opportunity, but they are just so cute. []

And here’s what Bostonista has for you.

Well, at least Ricky stopped crying: We recap the latest episode of Project Runway.