Super Bowl XLII Just Won’t Die

1200929040People deal with pain in many different ways. Some get upset and yell. Others choose to organize and rail against the injustice they’ve suffered.

No, we’re not talking about Barack Obama supporters. We’re talking about a Patriots fan who is calling shenanigans on the last 100 seconds of Super Bowl XLII.

This petition came to our attention via our good friends at Deadspin. It asks the NFL to investigate the last 1:40 of the Super Bowl. The author of the petition claims the clock stopped after Brandon Jacobs got a first down.

Our memories of that play are a little muddled, since we were busy swigging tequila from the bottle and muffling our cries of agony in a throw pillow. But the petition has been signed by over 15,000 people, some of whom were Giants fans who wanted to tell Pats fans to quit their bitching.

Dear Rob Palmer writes:

I just reviewed the entire 4th Q on my ipod this morning. I enjoyed it more the 2nd time around when the Pats still lost.

And that’s one of the more intelligent comments on the petition.

The refs blew that game like I blow my cat on Wednesdays for coke. The cat gives me cocaine.

You want to know what’s crap? Rome was sacked by the Visigoths in the year 410 not because of their strength or their ability in battle, but because the damned slaves opened the gates and let them in! You know what that is??? CHEATING!! How can you fight a f**king battle when the damned slaves are just opening the f**king door??? And, of course, there’s no TAPE of this sh!t, and you know why?? BECAUSE ROGER GOODELL DESTROYED ALL EVIDENCE OF THEIR CHEATING!!! So now, we’ve got a bunch of these Visigoth mother-f**kers running around and thinking they can run the place, because they “defeated” us! Well I say this is BULLSH!T! There is no fall of the Roman Empire in my book, we’re 19000-0!!!

We’re just glad to know that ours isn’t the only website that’s been swamped with comments that completely miss the point.