Roger Clemens Is Just About Finished

1202920223Well, that will just about do it for the legacy of one Roger Clemens.

The operative question today is, why? Why did he devote several months to a scorched-earth PR offensive against a loser like Brian McNamee? Why didn’t he just admit the HGH hit (I was hurt, I was just trying to help the ballclub, etc.) and move on? Why, oh why, did his lawyer ask for public hearings after the House Oversight Committee was ready to issue a statement and call it a day?

I suspect we’ll never know the answer to those questions, but it probably has something to with his famous competitive spirit, general Texas bad-assery, and Ninja Turtle shoelaces.

Henry Waxman, a man generally not disposed to over-the-top statements said Clemens’ testimony had several instances when it was “in direct conflict,” with other’s accounts, and not just McNamee’s either. Andy Pettitte’s, for example.

“We have found conflicts and inconsistencies in Mr. Clemens’ account. During his deposition, he made statements that we know are untrue,” Waxman said, adding that some of Clemens’ statements “are simply implausible.” (AP, via ESPN)

Waxman also said McNamee misled prosecutors and withheld evidence. He has been eviscerated by the committee for his inconsistencies, but who cares about McNamee’s reputation?

The House Committee was ready to let this go. They were perfectly willing to let these two idiots slime each other from now until the end of times. But that wouldn’t do for Clemens. He needed to be the toughest guy in the room and no pissant trainer, annoying media types, or even pesky federal investigators were going to stop that.

And so, we have Pettitte telling the world that Clemens is a phony and a liar. We have Debbie Clemens, of all people, shooting up HGH for a swimsuit issue vanity shot (and it was sure nice of Roger to throw his loving wife under the bus). We will probably have perjury charges. Hell, both Clemens and McNamee may face perjury charges.

But if Clemens ever moves to Indiana, Dan Burton can definitely count on his vote.

We’ll have more when it’s all over.

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