The Week That Was

1203093636Chronicling the past week via quick links and pithy commentary (The Weasel and The Rocket edition)

It was a bad Wednesday for Roger Clemens: Things didn’t look so good around noon, and that was before we learned about The Nanny!!!

The day after didn’t look so good either: Tell us again why you wanted this hearing, Rusty.

Pats cheerleader Meghan White makes the scene in SI’s Swimsuit issue: Which, more than anything, allows us to runs this photo.


If you’re like us, you loved Emily Valentine from 90210: Now that we know Christine Elise McCarthy, we love her even more.

The petition to review the last 100 seconds of the Super Bowl: No, the clock didn’t run, but we can think of about 50 other reasons why the Pats choked.


It’s the YouTube event of the month! Barackula.

Sorry Deval, we just don’t like it: But we give you props for trying something new.


More Spygate: Call us cynical, but we have a hunch that the NFL would go to the mat for a 19-0 Pats team. 18-1? You’re on your own boys.

The best thing about the conclusion of the writer’s strike: Oscar parties!

Dinner at Dunkin? Interesting.


Closing the book on the Demoulas case: We tracked down Paul Walsh.

Romney endorses McCain: Now if he had endorsed Ron Paul, that would have made for good times.

The Globe proves, yet again, how utterly unhip they really are: Parrrttty? Here’s some slang: STFU!


Hey Huckabee, it’s more than a feeling: And more about your denial of evolution.

That’s all for us for this week. If you need us we’ll be trying to track down the nanny in the green bikini. We’ll see you Tuesday.