Deval Patrick Loves That Corner Office

1203972072Massachusetts has had a string of governors who fled the office for greener national pastures. William Weld was appointed to be Ambassador to Mexico by Bill Clinton, but never served. Paul Cellucci resigned to become Ambassador to Canada, leaving us with Jane Swift. And we all remember what happened with Mitt Romney.

But Gov. Deval Patrick isn’t like those other guys. If he was asked to serve in the cabinet of presidential hopeful Barack Obama, he would refuse.

The governor says he enjoys his current job too much to leave in the middle of his term. It’s nice to have a sitting governor say he can postpone his national ambitions for a few years. But after all the hurt we’ve endured, we don’t know if we can trust him. Even is wary, putting a survey titled “Do you believe Patrick would stay?” under the article.

But don’t worry, governor. These are our issues. Please be patient as we work through them.