Rocking the Oscars With Christine Elise McCarthy

1203955512Boston Daily summited the fearsome snowbanks of Allston on Friday night to see the photography of Christine Elise McCarthy. Despite the snow emergency outside, a crowd of art lovers and 90210 fans trekked to the 2nd Cup Cafe to catch a glimpse of the Roslindale native’s work. After we took off our snow-covered coats, McCarthy handed us a glass of wine and introduced us to her mom.

“It hasn’t snowed in fucking months,” she said, motioning to the window. She said she was disappointed more of her friends didn’t brave the elements to see her before she packs up and heads back to Los Angeles this week.

Not everyone was sad to see the snow. The owner of the 2nd Cup Cafe navigated around the packed coffee shop in a daze. “I’m glad it’s snowing,” he told us. “I didn’t know she was this famous.”

We told McCarthy we’d be seeing her at Sunday night’s Boston Rocks the Oscars party.

“Ugh, black tie. I’m living out of a suitcase, people. I’m probably going to be wearing this same outfit.”

On Sunday, we greeted McCarthy as she chatted with On Broadway director Dave McLaughlin and producer Lance Greene at the sold-out Boston Rocks the Oscars gala.

“Don’t tell anyone I recycled this outfit,” she warned. When we pointed out that she’d just informed everyone herself, she shouted it louder.

We wandered into the VIP section to get some food provided by Green Olive Catering, and Greene posed next to a collection of dolls from the New Kids on the Block era, pointing at the one belonging to On Broadway star and Boston Daily crush Joey McIntyre. We asked Greene if he had any scoop on a New Kids reunion, and he cryptically said things are looking good.

The Oscar ceremony played throughout the bar, but partygoers were too busy chatting about the movie business to pay much attention. McCarthy let out a whoop of joy when Marion Cotillard won Best Actress.

“She was so good,” McCarthy said. “I didn’t want Julie Christie to win.”

As the Oscar ceremony continued, Boston Rocks the Oscars wound down. McCarthy joined her fellow VIPs at the front door as they waited for a car to pick them up. We wished her a safe trip back to LA, even though we’re sad to see such a cool lady leave town.