Hillary Gets No (Tech) Support

Joshua Green’s recent Atlantic piece about Sen. Hillary Clinton’s staff shake-up contained this nugget towards the end regarding her fundraising mistakes:

“The error wasn’t simply letting Obama get a head start in raising money. It was failing to realize that the world of political fund-raising had changed dramatically since Bill Clinton had last run for president, in a way that put a premium on different kinds of fund-raisers than the ones to which the Clintons had ties. …Like (Mark) Gorenberg, many of the new hard-money fundraisers are tech moguls who hail from a wealth center, Silicon Valley, that barely existed during Bill Clinton’s last run.”

And as Silicon Valley goes, so goes Boston, right? (Eventually.) So using rough lists of Boston-area venture capitalist firms and plugging them into the Huffington Post’s FundRace tool, I tested the theory that Sen. Clinton was losing the VC money race—at least here, in a city that takes the silver medal in the category.

It wasn’t close: My totally unscientific tally shows Barack Obama beat Hillary in the VC world $48,333 to $500. Ouch. (Especially painful as the 100-to-1 ratio has been kind to Clinton in the past.

The results put her behind Joe Biden and Bill Richardson, who grabbed $1,000 and $2,000, respectively.

Bright side: She beat Ron Paul. Dark side: See bright side.

And, yes, Mitt Romney totaled $104,180, but he worked at Bain Capital and kinda swam in these waters, so a low total from this population would have been a bit embarrassing.

But the most surprising result here is the apparent Boston VC crush on Chris Dodd, who totaled $18,400. Which really makes one reconsider this group’s boardroom bets.

—Dan Morell