Tony Dungy Obviously Didn’t Get the Memo

1204296581Over the last few weeks there has been one constant from the National Football League as it relates to the New England Patriots in general, and Spygate in particular: Silence is golden. One by one the league officers lined up to offer essentially the same story.

“I view it as yesterday’s news,” John McKay said.

Someone should have told Colts head coach Tony Dungy.

In an interview with something called Gametap (via Pro Football Talk) to discuss a video game that he’s endorsing, Dungy had the following exhange:

GameTap: Are there going to be any cheat codes in the game where I can spy on my opponents?

Tony Dungy: [laughs] I don’t know about any cheat codes. They say that’s really a big secret around here, it’s like Spygate. I don’t know if they put that in there or not or what the penalty would be if you entered any cheat codes, but we’ll probably only let New England have cheat codes.

Nice. No word on whether stadiums can pump in artificial crowd noise, by the way. Dungy also went on to say that he’s not one of those guys who works all day and all night. Maybe that explains the rather uninspiring playoff record.

Photo by Indy Star.