If Karl Rove Wants McCain/Romney, Who Are We to Argue?

1204815757As Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama continue to destroy their party fight for the nomination, John McCain is visiting the tap-dancing fool who currently resides in the White House, and is talking about finding a running mate.

[R]eferring to the fact that in 2000 Bush asked Cheney to help him pick a vice president and then Cheney ended up as the choice – Bush did offer one piece of vice presidential advice to McCain.”I’d tell him to be careful about who he names to be the head of the selection committee,” Bush said.

Hey—Mitt Romney isn’t doing anything right now. Why not give him a call?

Even Karl Rove wants McCain to consider it.

Karl Rove is among those who have called for a unity ticket between Romney and McCain, who appeared together in Boston last month when Romney formally endorsed the Arizona senator.

Sure, McCain once compared Romney to a pig. But he’s a pig who appeals to conservatives! Also, he’s a young pig, which will offset complaints about how long the Arizona senator has been in the stall.

We checked Romney’s website and MySpace page for changes that would reflect how he feels about the possibility. His website is still shuttered, and McCain isn’t in Mitt’s top 24 yet. So if we have the pleasure of a McCain/Romney ticket, we won’t find out about it anytime soon.

If Romney doesn’t work out, we still may have another local guy who may be interested.

[Curt Schilling] said he may even hit the campaign trail. “If [McCain] asks and the schedule permits, I’d do whatever,” he said.

It’s not like he’s going to be pitching much (if at all) this year. Though we don’t think this would be a great match—both men have the tendency to shoot their mouths off. But it sure would keep McCain in the headlines while the Democrats continue to search for a nominee.