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1206102520The Grope Patrol gets results: After yesterday’s expose on sexual predators on the T, the undercover detectives arrested a 34-year-old Dorchester man for groping a 20-year-old BU student. [Herald]

The Governor folds: Gov. Deval Patrick’s casino proposal was defeated by a House vote of 108 to 46. [Globe]

All your chowder are belong to us: The Red Sox aren’t the only ones cashing in on Japan’s fascination with baseball. A cadre of Massachusetts tourism officials are bringing Sam Adams beer, Fenway Franks, and clam chowder to Japan to lure more visitors to Boston. [Herald]

Is there still a strong stigma attached to witchcraft? Apparently so. Descendants of accused witches in Connecticut want to pass a bill that would exonerate their dead relatives of their witchcraft charges. [Globe]