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1206707508The possible title? The Audacity of Patrick: Turns out that “personal business” Gov. Deval Patrick was in New York for on the day his casino bill went down in flames was shopping an autobiography. [Globe]

More humiliation for Matt Amorello: Current Turnpike Chairman Alan LeBovidge expressed his frustration with the former chairman’s decision to enter into the swaptions that may cost the agency $2 million per month by early next year. Officials are investigating if Amorello pulled a DiMasi and went with the plan because his pals represented the financial institution. [Herald]

Maybe our grandparents are right to keep their money under their mattress and to pay cash: Despite being in compliance with Visa standards, hackers managed to install software on Hannaford computers and steal credit card information from as many as 4.2 million shoppers. [Globe]

The return of Taxachusetts: Cites and towns around the Commonwealth hope their residents will approve Proposition 2 1/2 overrides to fund programs and schools during these cash-strapped times. [Herald]