Long Live Animal House?

1207772782Last month, Boston’s zoning board voted unanimously to prohibit more than four undergraduate students from living in a single apartment. The proposal faced criticism from students who argued that the law discriminated against them.

Now a lawyer is leading the charge against the proposal.

The Allston-Brighton TAB reports that Attorney Stephen Greenbaum wants to invalidate the law.

Greenbaum believes the new law violates several basic constitutional liberties, such as the rights to freedom of association and equal protection under the law. He also claims that the ordinance could not be enforced without violating students’ right to privacy.

City Councilor Mike Ross, who proposed the legislation, tells the TAB similar laws in other states have beaten legal challenges. But the paper talked with an unnamed local real estate attorney, who says Boston’s law may be too specific in targeting college students, and faces a good chance at getting tossed out.

So will students be allowed to keep throwing those Tuesday night keggers in the apartment next door to you? Stay tuned. And maybe buy some ear plugs just in case.