Curses Foiled in New York

It’s easy to feel superior after the Sox won two games against the Yankees this weekend. While we’d normally be panicked to see David Ortiz out of the lineup, the rest of the team provided plenty of offense.

1208180345But even when he’s on the bench, Papi has the Yankees sweating. This weekend, crews dug up the jersey that a construction worker buried in the concrete of the new Yankee Stadium. Of course, it was a number 34.

Last week, we told the Bronx Bombers to relax. Even we know that curses aren’t real. But the troubled team was taking no chances.

Hardhats spent five hours Saturday rooting in concrete near the third-base line of the nearly complete Major League mecca with jackhammers in search of the voodooed V-neck. The Big Papi pullover was removed yesterday.

Not only did they manage to spend a fortune to break apart the fresh concrete, but it is looking into filing criminal charges against the laborer. The only thing he’s guilty of is spilling the beans while the team still had time to dig the jersey up.

Hank Steinbrenner reacted to the scandal with his trademark reserve.

“I hope his coworkers kick the s- – – out of him,” said George’s boy, who now runs the team with his brother Hal.

Stay classy, Hank!