Weekend Redux: What You Missed

Just because you spent all weekend wondering why the hell FOX cut from a full count at the end of a one-run Sox/Yankees game to switch to NASCAR coverage doesn’t mean the world stopped moving. We round up the notable stories you missed.

1208178830 It’s all economic downturn all the time in Saturday’s Globe. Whether we’re learning that people aren’t eating deep dish pizza at Uno’s as often as they used to, or diesel prices are soaring, the message is that we’re all screwed. Even spendthrift Gov. Deval Patrick may have to consider budget cuts.

Speaking of the Governor, his approval ratings are dropping like a stone. While he hasn’t reached a President Bush-like number, things have never been this bad for him.

More Bay State residents disapprove of Governor Deval Patrick’s job performance than approve, according to a new poll. Forty-nine percent said they disapproved, while 41 percent approved, the SurveyUSA/WBZ-TV poll suggested.

First Bob Lobel, now the entire station may get the boot. Land-hungry Harvard University is in talks with WBZ to buy the station’s property in Allston.

Globe columnist Yvonne Abraham is back from maternity leave! And she’s going to become an American! Good for her.

It’s a great time to buy a home, since the misfortune of others has reduced prices on properties by tens of thousands of dollars. Unless you live in one of the impoverished ZIP codes, of course.

Listen, we know that teenagers talk like idiots. But it doesn’t teach them to at least feign intelligence when you put their verbalized pauses in writing.

It was all spelled out in the clearest terms: “I, Michela Parmeggiani, do promise to limit my cellphone use . . . NO TEXT MESSAGING IS ALLOWED ON THIS PHONE! . . . I, like, so totally agree.”

Also, $220 in text messages?! We’re never having kids.

Here’s another reason to loathe the idea of tollbooths on I-93. A new study says people who use FastLane transponders have no idea how much they’re spending to use the roads. Not only that, but the study says that legislators have an easier time raising the tolls.

And congratulations to the BC Eagles, which won the NCAA Frozen Four.