Mitt Romney: Comedian

1208442445The Radio and Television Correspondents’ Association dinner hasn’t been must-see TV since Stephen Colbert went in and lampooned the Bush Administration as the president sat mere feet away. But the annual dinner got some of its humor back with a surprise appearance from former governor Mitt Romney, who stole David Letterman’s routine and presented the Top 10 reasons he dropped out of the race.

It wasn’t the ballsy satire of Colbert, but Romney managed to get a few chuckles from the packed house. Whoever wrote Romney’s self-deprecating list should be kept on retainer to feed him lines all the time. Our personal favorite was reason number eight— “As a lifelong hunter, I didn’t want to miss the start of varmint season.”

If Romney had worked the late-night circuit harder, the Republican nomination might not have been locked up so soon. We know he’s great with a rehearsed one-liner.


Mitt Romney: Top 10 Reasons I Dropped Out [YouTube]