Happy Earth Day

1208874038When we were kids, Earth Day was the one day out of the year we paid lip service to caring about the planet. Our parents would drag us away from our Game Boy to plant trees, tidy up the yard, and appreciate the environment. Sure, we heard lots of frightening statistics, but they seemed so abstract back then.

Now that the price of gas is skyrocketing and food shortages are causing riots around the world, Earth Day has taken on a whole new meaning.

Locally, Logan Airport is getting in on the act and will announce several initiatives to make the facility more environmentally-friendly. Massport will purchase about 15 percent of its electricity from renewable sources, and will make steps to conserve more energy.

WBUR chronicles the efforts of a group of kids who want state legislators to change the print margins of their documents to save paper. It’s adorable to hear the kids’ voices tremble as they plead their case to Gov. Deval Patrick’s aide.

The Somerville Journal has the story of Tom Cook, who will bike his 40-mile round trip commute today to celebrate Earth Day and raise money for a scholarship fund.

The MBTA is lauding its efforts to save the planet as well. After years of criticism, the agency has installed hundreds of recycling bins to station platforms. Instead of leaving your copy of the Metro on the empty seat next to you, stick it in the bin when you get to your destination.

After saving the Earth, you’re bound to be hungry. Continue your good works while enjoying some good food at the Chefs Collaborative Earth Dinners. Beehive and Garden at the Cellar will both have environmentally-friendly feasts tonight.