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1208952821The homes are already safe, apparently: There has not been a single request for the services of the Boston Police Department’s controversial Safe Homes program since it was launched nearly a month ago. [Herald]

It ain’t over yet: Yesterday’s primary in Pennsylvania leaves us no closer to a resolution in the fight for the Democratic nomination. Hillary Clinton won by 10 points, but she didn’t make much of a dent in Barack Obama’s delegate lead. [Globe]

Meet the one guy in the city who’s happy to be in the office on a beautiful day: Gov. Deval Patrick’s aide Carl Stanley McGee is back at work after being cleared of charges that he molested a 15-year-old boy in Florida. [Herald]

If you can find a mortgage, now’s the time to buy: Several condo developments in Boston are auctioning off units that have been slow to move due to the soft housing market. [Globe]