(Not Just) Another Globe Staffer Departs

1210275642We really shouldn’t be surprised to read about another high-profile name departing from the Globe newsroom, but this one’s gotta hurt the broadsheet. Adam Reilly reports that Pulitzer-prize winning reporter Charlie Savage has left Morrissey Boulevard for the New York Times.

Globe editor Marty Baron waxes philosophical about the huge loss.

“He did great work in Washington–he won a Pulitzer, as you know–and it’s no wonder that the New York Times is interested in him. But he’s not the first talented person from the Globe that’s been hired elsewhere. And in the same way that we found the talent of Charlie Savage, I trust that we’ll have another talented person in Washington.”

We hope that whomever Baron taps to fill Savage’s big shoes will be even remotely as tenacious as him.

Charlie Savage Does It Again