Now Playing the Part of Bill Buckner. . . Clooney?

We always wonder who would play us in the film version of our lives. An elderly man who did maintenance on my first overcrowded undergrad apartment once told me I look like Alyssa Milano, but I think Allyson Hannigan would better capture my personality.

1210341013But if we were casting the part of Bill Buckner, we would never think to call George Clooney. But Billy Buck thinks the two-time Sexiest Man Alive should play him in a local filmmaker’s project.

Clooney, Bill? Really?

“My wife is in love with George Clooney,” Buckner told the Herald yesterday from his home in Idaho.

Yeah, so are we. But that doesn’t mean he looks anything like us.

But don’t feel too bad, Bill. We’ve got the perfect man in mind to play the starring role in Josh Mitchell’s Buckner fantasia. And to women of a certain age, he’s just as sexy as Clooney.