Jim Ogonowski’s Lackluster Senate Campaign Continues?

Things started looking bad for Jim Ogonowski, presumptive challenger to John Kerry, last week when the Globe reported that he was a couple hundred signatures short of getting his name on the Republican primary ballot. The situation only got worse when fellow GOP hopeful Jeff Beatty accused the Ogonowski campaign of forging signatures. We waited with baited breath to see if the farmer from Dracut would make the 10,000 benchmark.

Today, we learned he hasn’t made it yet.

Oh, Jim. Say it ain’t so.

When the deadline for certification passed yesterday, Jim Ogonowski, the Republican leadership’s choice to challenge US Senator John F. Kerry, was 82 signatures short of qualifying for the GOP primary ballot, according to the state’s central voter registry.

Way to stand by your man, Republicans. This sure gives voters the impression you’re dedicated to unseating Kerry this fall.

Ogonowski’s campaign remains hopeful, saying that some of the signatures will be submitted by hand. But they can expect some of the signatures to be challenged. We sure hope Ogonowski can get it together. He’s the most entertaining person in local politics since Bike Week ended.