Did the T Operator Fail to Hang up and Drive?

1212089435Shuttle buses continue to run on the D Line this afternoon as the National Transportation Safety Board looks into what caused yesterday’s fatal collision of two trains on the Green Line. The train that Terrese Edmonds was driving remains on the tracks and investigators are looking into reports that Edmonds may have been on her cell phone when the accident occurred.

Oh, man.

“I’ve heard something about that, but we don’t know — again we are just beginning to look at this. We will look at everything. I just heard that someone said there was a cell phone. That is part of the information that is out there. I don’t know if it is accurate. Our investigators have not interviewed anybody but it is one of the things we look at in every investigation,” National Transportation Safety Board Member Kitty Higgins said.

As the media continues to question Edmonds’ loved ones, we grow more and more depressed.

“[Edmunds] was always smiling. She never had anything bad to say. She is a lovely girl. When she got that job she was so happy. When I saw her with that jacket, I said, ‘You go girl. I am so happy for you,'” neighbor Lorraine Marshall said.

God, this is bumming us out. At least Boston.com has these pictures of adorable kids cuddling kittens to make us feel a little better.