Goldklank Avoids the Klink, Quits WHDH

Things have been pretty quiet on the Randi Goldklank front. Back in April, WHDH’s General Manager was arrested at Logan Airport after screaming her head off on a flight from Philly to Boston and getting into a tizzy with one of the cops who tried to subdue her. A couple of days later, she announced she would receive medical treatment and that former GM Mike Carson would be in charge while she got help.

At a court appearance today, Goldklank admitted she was on drugs and alcohol when she went on her tirade, and announced she’s leaving the News Station.

“I’ve decided to resign my position at WHDH and WLVI to continue focusing on getting help,” Eisenstadt said, reading from the statement. “I appreciate the support I have received from [Channel 7 owner] Ed Ansin and my friends and colleagues at WHDH and WLVI. I look forward to returning to work in the broadcasting industry in the near future.”

Goldklank took a deal, promising to stay out of trouble for a year. If she does, the disorderly conduct and resisting arrest charges will be dismissed. The charge that she assaulted a cop has already been dropped.

It’ll be interesting to see if anyone is willing to hire her after her very public implosion. But, hey, if Mike Barnicle can work in this town again, there’s hope for everyone.