You Say She’s Just a Friend

Although House Speaker Sal DiMasi’s troubles with Richard Vitale often eclipses his relationship with developer Jay Cashman, the line between the pair’s professional and personal relationship is very fine. Back in May, DiMasi came under fire for his role in killing a bill that may have benefited Cashman.

1213715209But there was also a question of the relationship between the men’s wives. Today, the Globe profiles Deborah DiMasi and Christy Scott Cashman and their book club show on NECN.

Finally, we’ll get some answers the business relationship between Debbie DiMasi (best married name ever!) and Christy Cashman (a very close second).

Since Cashman owns the production company that produces Open Book Club for NECN, it could be an ethical conflict for Sal if Debbie is being paid for her work.

When asked about her business arrangement with DiMasi, Cashman explained that she is her business partner and a consultant. She said DiMasi is not her employee.

Deborah DiMasi and Christy Scott Cashman would not discuss the specifics of their business relationship during an interview with the Globe after they taped the July episode of their show.

Pressed further on whether DiMasi receives compensation from the show, their publicist, Jane Lane, interrupted and said: “It is not relevant.”

Tell it to Bill Galvin.