More Problems for Richard Vitale

1213799500One of Dr. Seuss’ most under-appreciated works is Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are? In the book, a grandfatherly character tells a boy about how fortunate he is that he can make a shadow and doesn’t have to climb several hundred stairs to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.

We mention this because we consider ourselves very lucky that we are not Richard Vitale.

Secretary of State Bill Galvin continues his quest to take down House Speaker Sal DiMasi’s pal for (allegedly) violating lobbying laws. Late last week, Galvin went to the Legislature to appeal for the power to compel unwilling lobbyists to talk. Today, Galvin covers another base by asking Attorney General Martha Coakley to prosecute Vitale for his actions.

“This represents a remarkable case of stonewalling by people who have taken money to influence public policy,” Galvin said in an interview after he sent Coakley an inch-thick pile of documents about the ticket brokers and their hiring of accountant Richard Vitale.

How can you not be delighted that you aren’t this poor bastard?

The Secretary of State is doing everything short of leaving a flaming bag of dog poo on this guy’s steps. He had to leave his job in the aftermath of the controversy. And, perhaps worst of all, if he did lobby DiMasi on the behalf of ticket resellers, it’s far too late for him to issue a simple mea culpa and move on.

So, as you stumble through your day, exhausted and unable to focus on anything other than thoughts of tomorrow’s Rolling Rally, take a moment to reflect on how lucky you are to not be Richard Vitale.