Happy Parade Day!

1213883496It’s a beautiful morning in downtown Boston. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and your 2008 NBA Champion Boston Celtics are preparing to board the official vehicle of our city’s conquering heroes for our second victory parade in eight months. (Hope you convinced your boss that you’re actually sick.)

And, again, the city would like to remind you to behave yourselves. (Are you paying attention, Gary Zerola?)

Mayor Tom Menino said the city will not tolerate nonsense, ballyhoo, tomfoolery, shenanigans, or kerfuffles.

“Let’s match the Celtics excitement on the court with a fun and safe (celebration),” Menino said. “Come on down, but we aren’t going to tolerate any nonsense.”

Especially since rioting in the streets would give all the haters outside New England some more ammunition.

“We hate you. Everybody hates you. You can go to any part of the globe. People hate you,” said Steve Trevelise, a talk-show personality on 610 WIP-AM in Philadelphia, a city that hasn’t had a victory parade since 1983, the longest drought of any four-sport city.

What’s that we smell? Might it be. . . sour grapes?

And how can you hate a team that brings out the best in the generation that’s only seen the Celtics win championships on ESPN Classic?

[A]cross from the Old Colony housing project in South Boston, a dozen teenagers on a neighborhood team sprawled under the hoop, talking with their coach about what they learned from the Celtics’ dominance on Tuesday night.

“Motivation,” said Luis Santiago, 15.

“Believe in yourself,” said Charles Vega, 13.

“Role models,” said Antonio Morales, 13.

Aww. Maybe we should have these kids teach Kobe Bryant a thing or two.