Your Post-NBA Championship Red Sox Update

1193768308The street sweepers have cleared Boston’s sidewalks of the green and white confetti, and sports fans got their first full eight hours of sleep in days. Now that the visions of victory cigars and a shirtless Big Baby are fading, we’re left to turn our attention back to that other team that’s doing pretty well.

You know, your defending World Series Champion, Boston Red Sox.

After the jump, we give you the good news, and the bad news.

Good News: The Red Sox are still first in the AL East.

Bad News: The Yankees have won seven straight to pull within five games of first place.

Good News: Daisuke Matsuzaka looked good in a rehab start with Pawtucket earlier this week.

Bad News: Curt Schilling tells WEEI that he’s having surgery on his shoulder next week, and that it will probably end his season. Which. . . never really started, so maybe this one is a wash?

Good News: Nancy JD Drew is on a tear. Yes, that JD Drew.

Bad News: Bartolo Colon is on the 15-day DL with a strained back.

Good News: The cast on David Ortiz’s wrist has been replaced by a splint.

Bad News: There’s still no firm date on when Papi will be back in the lineup. Which is fine because Drew has picked up the slack. Seriously, that’s stranger news than Tampa Bay being in second place in late June.

Good News: After yesterday’s off day, the Sox return to Fenway.

Bad News: . . . To play an interleague game against the Cardinals.

Welcome back, baseball. We missed you. Though not as much as the Globe thinks we did.