Happy Jerry Remy Day!

As far as we’re concerned, the more holidays, the better. We’ve got a countdown clock set to the exact moment we get out of the office for the long Fourth of July weekend. We try not to think too hard about Christopher Columbus’ misdeeds as we enjoy a leisurely fall weekend of apple-picking. And nothing tickles us quite like watching drunken co-eds fall over each other at 11 a.m. on Marathon Monday.

1214329717 So, we’re totally on board with the first-ever Jerry Remy Day.

Remy worked his first game as NESN’s Red Sox color analyst on April, 6, 1988 and since then has called over 2,700 contests, sold gobs of Rem-Dawg merchandise, and almost died of on-air smokers’ lung/wheezing laughter exactly 132 times.

We didn’t get you a card Jerry (sorry), but the network has posted well-wishes from Remy’s many admirers, like Denis Leary and our future boyfriend Conan O’Brien on its website.

But perhaps the best part of this holiday is using it as an excuse to revisit the Rem-Dawg’s many bloopers. Whether he’s giving all the NESN staffers the giggles by falling off a table during a spirited air guitar performance or telling Don Orsillo he’s got a big head, we enjoy his comedic genius even more than his in-game commentary.

The only problem we have with this holiday? The fact that work is interrupting our celebrations. We know you’ve got friends in high places, NESN—let’s make this an official state holiday. After all, if Patriots get a day, why not the Sox broadcaster?