Even More Mitt Romney Speculation

Mitt Romney is going to be in New Hampshire this weekend to campaign for John McCain while enjoying a parade near Lake Winnipesaukee. While the Republicans have wisely elected to skip the nauseating Unity photo-op, they’re still giving us vertigo from all the vice presidential back and forth.

It’s been relatively quiet on the GOP front as of late. But Politico.com reports that our boy Mitt is at the top of McCain’s list of running mates.

It’s nothing we haven’t heard before, but let’s review.

Romney’s other advantages [aside from the ability to raise boatloads of money], according to people involved in McCain’s screening process:

— Squeaky-clean and fully vetted by the national media.

Unless the Romneys had another pet they lashed to the roof of their station wagon, we suppose this is true.

— Has presidential looks and bearing and immediately would be a strong campaigner who could be trusted to stay on message.

Romney sure looks presidential, and he does have an uncanny ability to stay on message. But when the situation calls for some ad-libbing, things can go wrong mighty quickly.

Rumors still abound that the main roadblock to a McCain/Romney ticket this fall is the Arizona senator’s disdain for our former governor. But if we’ve learned anything from romantic comedies, it’s that hate is just another four-letter word for love. Now, which one is Matthew McConaughey, and which one is Kate Hudson?