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1214828567Problems for the Boston Police, Part I: A Celtics championship reveler who stopped breathing after he was arrested near the Garden on June 18 has died. The man’s parents say he didn’t receive prompt medical attention, but police say they started CPR as soon as they saw he was in trouble. [Globe]

Problems for the Boston Police, Part II: Despite a sexy ad campaign, this year’s class of Boston Police recruits is only 60 percent full. [Herald]

Preventing gang violence is like maintaining your lawn—it takes constant effort: A new report blames Boston Police and the TenPoint Coalition for thinking they had solved Boston’s gang violence situation, which caused the Boston Miracle to unravel. [Globe]

Car rental, yes. Dog rental, no: Boston’s City Council hopes to pass a measure that will ban companies like FlexPetz from loaning out dogs. [Herald]