Manny Ramirez’s PR Nightmare: Not so Bad

The fallout from Manny Ramirez’s latest physical altercation with someone on the Boston Red Sox payroll continues today. Dan Shaughnessy’s preschool teacher-like column (Manny’s actions were “not OK”) in today’s Globe got his detractors all riled up. Surviving Grady ponders if it’s a play by Sox management to make not re-signing the slugger palatable to fans.

1214943115We’re already tired of it. But MannyGate is nothing when you compare it to the PR nightmare Alex Rodriguez is dealing with in New York. Tabloids have romantically linked the Yankees third baseman to Madonna.

Yes, that Madonna.

The Queen of Pop is widely rumored to be preparing for a divorce from Guy Ritchie, her husband of nearly eight years. Yesterday, reports surfaced that OK! magazine has a story that claims the Material Girl and A-Rod are secret lovers. Because they work out at the same gym.

Deadspin, which is now edited by former Philadelphia magazine blogger A.J. Daulerio (congrats AJ. Bye, old friend Will! Enjoy New York magazine!), has been all over the continued tabloid fallout, and theorizes what Mrs. A-Rod’s reaction to all this must be.

Alex’s wife, Cynthia must be torn about this news. She totally seems like the the type of Madonna fan who once wore ripped up sweatshirts, piles of crucifix-inspired jewelry, and fingerless gloves. It all must be so bittersweet.

Fire up We’re sensing it’s time for another expletive-emblazoned tank top!