The Celtics Championship Party Continues

1216132943No one will ever be able to accuse the Boston Celtics of not enjoying their recent success. The players promised to not sleep for a month, and judging by some reports, they haven’t.

“I’ve been getting a lot of cat naps,” Kevin Garnett said last night at the premiere of the team’s championship DVD release. “I am the national spokesman for cat naps. Enjoy 17. Enjoy it now. ” Garnett playfully added that we didn’t see any pictures of him emanating from Las Vegas.

The team reunited at the Garden for the invite-only soiree, and while they were pelted by questions about the possible return of prodigal son/ free agent James Posey, they were mostly still basking in the championship glow.

“It’s really great to see these guys a month later,” owner Wyc Grousbeck said. “It’s just really cool to get everyone together and say, ‘Hey. We did it.'”

Paul Pierce was still sporting his winning smile, while he cradled his baby daughter in his arms. Pierce was back in town after a stay in his native Los Angeles, where he had taken the Finals MVP trophy along for the ride. “If I wasn’t from L.A., I probably wouldn’t have been able to take the trophy to all the places I’ve been,” he said. “It’s just great seeing everyone walking around in Boston Celtics gear.”

Before the DVD showing, Grousbeck admitted he was still in awe of that magical night on June 17 when the C’s captured the title.

“I’m so happy that we got to do it here,” Grousbeck said. “I took the trophy home and the next morning, there it was. The parade was amazing. It seemed like everyone in the city was out to celebrate.”

The DVD is in stores today. You can get your copy autographed by Eddie House and James Posey at Borders in Downtown Crossing at 2 p.m., and can then hustle over to f.y.e. to get signatures from Kendrick Perkins and Leon Powe starting at 6 p.m.