The All-Star Game: Sleep Doesn’t Matter

1216222274Despite the tireless efforts of FOX, we just can’t get excited for the All-Star Game. No matter how many times we’re told it matters, the drummed-up pageantry is exhausting. Especially when 98 percent of the ceremony is dedicated to the awesomeness of Yankee Stadium. If it were that great, they wouldn’t have built a new one.

But this year’s All-Star proceedings got some people worked up. Most notably Jonathan Papelbon.

The Sox closer took offense at the New York Daily News story that quoted him as saying he should close the game instead of Mariano Rivera, paired with the back-page headline “Papelbum.” He responded with a profanity-laced tirade in today’s Herald.

“It just kind of (ticks) me off because if that gets (expletive) written and I’m riding in an (expletive) parade today with my wife so she doesn’t feel safe because some (expletive) from the Daily News says I want to close the game, and that ain’t true,” he said. “See what I’m saying?”

With language that colorful, it’s hard not to.

We feel for the Papelbons, who are expecting their first child. But despite being on the same team for the All-Star Game, they were still in Yankee territory and should have been prepared for some boos and bad press. According to some reports, Kevin Youkilis was also mercilessly jeered during yesterday’s parade, and his girlfriend’s kid was subject to R-rated taunts. Stay classy, New York.

While Paps gave up the go-ahead run in the eighth, the Red Sox still managed to represent for the American League. All-Star MVP J.D. Drew tied it up with a two-run homer in the seventh, eventually leading to the AL securing home field advantage in the World Series. In our sleep-deprived state, we’re still not sure if we’d rather he had struck out so the game could have ended before 1 a.m.