‘Mommy, Why Is the Mailman Wearing a Skirt?’

Like everybody that went to high school in the ’90s, we had a guy friend who loved to pair kilts with his Megadeth t-shirts and Doc Martens. It got the Gap-kids all riled up, and gave him a bit more outsider cred than his camouflage cargo shorts could.

We don’t know what happened to our goth friend after we hightailed it away after graduation, but some of you out there who had this same type of friend will be happy to see he became a mailman who’s still raging against the tyranny of pants.

One Dean Peterson of Washington state has brought his quest to bring a Male Unbifurcated Garment uniform option to Boston for the 66th biennial convention of the National Association of Letter Carriers. Believe it or not, this story appeared in the Globe, not as a segment on the Daily Show.

“Unbifurcated Garments are far more comfortable and suitable to male anatomy than trousers or shorts, because they don’t confine the legs or cramp the male genitals the way that trousers or shorts do.”

Hard to argue with that logic.

Peterson’s colleagues don’t seem to receptive to the idea. Maybe he needs someone to advance his proposal. Someone with political clout. Someone with experience sticking with a campaign that everyone else sees is doomed to failure.

Good thing Hillary Clinton is in town. Hopefully she read this article and will help Peterson’s cause when she speaks to the letter carriers today.