Tri-Cornered Hats and Muskets?

1216734991This morning, the Globe introduces us to salvia, the latest substance kids are using to get high. It’s currently legal, but as with all drugs that the young’uns take, the government wants to restrict access to the hallucinogenic.

The paper of record is deadly serious about salvia’s growing popularity, interviewing experts and people who sell it. Which makes the hallucinations described by those who’ve taken it all the more surreal.

For one young man, the sound of raindrops hitting trees triggered a hallucination of sitting around a campfire during the Revolutionary War, wearing tri-cornered hats and wielding muskets. For another, Christmas lights became floating candles. Another had to stop his car because he forgot how to drive.

You hallucinate that you are a historical reenactor? We’ll stick with booze, thanks.