The Rockefeller Files: Kidnapper and Jerk?

1218121988It’s been five days since Clark Rockefeller and his daughter, Reigh Boss, were found in a Baltimore apartment. With every passing day, investigators and the press continue to piece together the chimera’s identity.

Today’s revelation? The alleged kidnapper is kind of a d-bag.

The Globe reports that two homicide detectives from California were turned away by Rockefeller yesterday. They hoped to question him about the 1985 disappearance (and suspected murder) of a San Marino couple. Investigators want to know if the man we know as Rockefeller might have been the couple’s tenant, Christopher Chichester.

The broadsheet talks to one of Chichester/Rockefeller’s (Chifeller’s?) acquaintances from San Marino, and finds the man isn’t missed.

“From what I remember, everyone was intrigued when he first got into town,” said Tricia Gough, a former San Marino police detective. “He was quite the storyteller, very articulate, very interesting guy. I think, over time, people came to realize that he wasn’t very genuine, was rather affected, and he wore out his welcome.”

Thankfully, the Herald steps up with some great anecdotes about a German exchange student named Christian Gerhart Reiter. Authorities suspect the student who spent part of the late 1970’s or early 1980’s in Connecticut may also be Rockefeller.

Families that took Reiter/Rockefeller (Reitefeller?) in during his time in Connecticut say he ran up huge phone bills and refused to pay them, locked people out of the house during the winter, and insulted their middle-class lifestyle.

But the alleged jerk did find some pleasures while living in Connecticut.

“He would relish things like saying the word ‘bread,’” Edward [Savio] said, mocking Reiter’s condescending accent. “He just found it all so amusing, our language.”

Now that’s some damn fine reporting.

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