Man Selling Tom Brady’s Car Wants Helicopter Upgrade

1218482946Earlier today, we saw a report on WCVB that claimed Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s 2005 International Harvester CTX is for sale on eBay. We assumed his tree-hugging girlfriend Gisele Bundchen forced him to unload the vehicle, which gets an astoundingly low eight (8!) miles to the gallon.

But unlike the times when Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz sold used stuff on the auction site, there was no picture of the prettiest quarterback of them all driving the gigantic truck in the actual listing. That seemed odd, so we contacted the seller, Shane Johnson of Dalton, Georgia, to ask if the truck really belonged to the QB.

“That’s what they tell me,” Johnson tells Boston Daily.

Johnson bought the car from a dealership about six months ago. The dealer told him it was owned by a celebrity, but didn’t disclose which one owned the car. Since putting the car on the auction site, Dalton says the press ran the VIN and told him it belonged to Brady.

The Georgian says he’s received about 20 calls from various media outlets, and was excited to hear that Boston Daily would blog about his vehicle. The high bid for the CXT is currently $55,655. Bidding ends on Thursday.

Gas prices aren’t the reason he’s looking to unload the truck.

“I want to buy a helicopter,” Johnson says. And yes, the possible trade he mentions in the listing can include said aircraft.

Photo from eBay