Primetime Deval

Will Gov. Deval Patrick become the new Michael Phelps?

1218725647Not that we expect Patrick to don a space-age swimsuit and break a whole slew of records, but once the Olympics wind down a week from Sunday, the Democratic National Convention will become the big headline generator, and our own loquacious governor will give a primetime speech on the convention’s second night.

If anyone can build on the feel-good nationalism stoked by Phelps and Barack Obama, it’s Patrick.

Obama didn’t give Patrick the keynote address slot that the Illinois senator used to catapult himself to national prominence during the 2004 election, opting instead to tag Virginia senatorial candidate Mark Warner. Patrick also has to contend with Hillary Clinton, who will also take the stage Tuesday night.

But unless shrill Hill or Warner burn the house down, Patrick is bound to make an impression. While we may have had our issues with him during his governorship, Patrick’s orations leave us feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

And judging by the electorate’s enthusiasm for Obama’s hope and change platform, the national audience could be talking about Patrick after his speech just as much as they’re talking about Phelps’ abs now. Let’s just hope they compare notes and don’t use the same catchphrases because that would be awkward.

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