Old Ladies in Shrewsbury Are Still Mad as Hell

1222436241We don’t start Facebook groups very often, but last year we were moved to create one in honor of Pat Henry, a 64-year-old woman who was livid when the Shrewsbury Housing Authority banned all outdoor furnishings at her elderly housing complex.

Like all grandchildren, we haven’t been very good about keeping in touch, but today’s Globe reports that Henry is still sticking it to the man.

Henry is still wearing the t-shirts she wore around the complex to protest the Authority’s strict rules, but now she has upped the ante. She and two other angry residents tied themselves to a crabapple tree they’ve been fighting to save, which caused their landlord to demand they leave.

The women also have a lawyer who’s working pro bono to keep them in their home. He called the plan to evict the trio “idiotic.”

But that’s kind compared to what 93-year-old Helen Jarzobski has to say about the landlord’s rules.

“He wants me to bring my chair out every morning and bring it back in at night. Well, I use a walker. There’s no way I can do that,” said Jarzobski. “Any man that will stoop that low to evict a 93 1/2-year-old woman who has lived here 32 years over a chair has got to be sick.”

We love these ladies. Such brilliant use of the “I’m damn near dead, so you’d better be nice to me.” And calling the landlord “sick?” Genius. We can’t wait to be old people so we can get away with saying things like this.