Spanning the Web

Taking you around the Internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

First MIT students, now the Europeans: A group of Dutch researchers has also hacked the technology behind the MBTA’s CharlieCard. [Universal Hub]

After a week of playoff baseball and debates, we can all use this: Google has developed technology that requires you to do several math problems in a short amount of time to help prevent drunken emailing. [The Official Gmail Blog]

Just steer clear of any awkward photo ops: Former presidential hopeful Mike Dukakis says that Barack Obama is running a much better campaign than he did in 1988, and that he likes the Democrat’s chances in November. [New York Observer via PolitickerMA]

Wouldn’t that damage your nails more? A group of women allegedly punched the window of a Cambridge nail salon when employees told them the store was closed. [Cambridge Chronicle]