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Audio: Phoebe Prince Bully Finally Speaks Out. Flannery Mullins says that “it wasn’t bullying” and she “isn’t ashamed.” [Slate.com]

State Senate OKs budget for $30.5 billion. Up next: A committee will hash out a compromise budget between the House and Senate plans. [Boston.com]

Romney Sends Leftover Pizza to Obama’s Chicago HQ. Hey, at least it was deep dish. [ABCNews.com]

Money is the Root of All Evil Championships. Suits from the B’s, C’s and Sox organizations defend pricey tickets: “You need the revenue if you are going to put a championship team on the field,” says Celtics owner Stephen Pagliuca. [Boston.com]

Nova Scotia, Eh? Boston to dock Carnival cruise ships next summer, serving eastern Canada. [USAToday.com]