Unlimited Travel? It's True, with JetBlue's BluePass

Even if you’re somewhat put off by the new “behavioral screening” program that the TSA is unveiling at Logan this week, here’s one reason to keep flying. Last week, JetBlue announced that it would begin offering unlimited BluePass tickets from their Boston and Long Beach hubs, which, while aimed at business travelers, can add up to great deals for fall travel.

JetBlue’s offering two packages from Logan: Boston All, which will fly to any JetBlue city ($1,999), and Boston Select, which flies to 13 cities, most of which are on the East Coast, but stretch out as far as Bermuda and Chicago ($1,499). This is a particularly good deal for us Boston folk, as the Long Beach pass only flies to nine cities. The flights can be booked from August 22 through November 22, and only 90 minutes notice is needed before departure (for those of you looking for a real last-minute getaway). They’ll be available through August 31 or until they sell out.

This comes after JetBlue announced the end to the immensely popular All You Can Jet (AYCJ) program, which saw people ricocheting around the country with abandon and spending altogether too much time in airports. So if you’ve got enough weekends to spare, it could be an awesome way to get out of town.

Tell us: Will you buy a BluePass?