Daily Feed: Yankees Loss to Red Sox 'Nothing' Compared To What's To Come

Yankees Loss to Sox ‘Nothing’ Compared to What’s To Come. The Core Four is shaking on its foundation, and dropping last night’s game — and this weekend’s series — is nothing compared to what the Yankees are poised to lose in the upcoming years. Let’s talk about what the Sox are poised to win, in that case … [ESPN.com]

Drug Problems Causing Property Crimes to Rise on Cape Cod. An elderly woman’s home was attempted or successfully broken into eight times so far this year. What’s happening on the Cape? [NYTimes.com]

Mitt Romney Doesn’t Talk About The Abortion That Went Wrong. His relative died from a secret abortion in 1963, which could be part of the reason that the conservative flipped his stance on the issue. [Salon.com]

Boston is No. 1 in Quarterly Private Sector Jobs Ranking. Worcester, Mass., is No. 3. Dead last? Fresno. [BizJournals.com]

National Poetry Slam Hits Cambridge Tomorrow. For the uninitiated, watch this Poetry Slam 101 for a crash course. [HuffingtonPost.com]