Daily Feed: Stuck on a JetBlue Flight is NOT Cool

Stuck on a JetBlue Flight > TV, Wi-Fi, Snacks, Drinks, Jokes on a JetBlue Flight. As it turns out, the snacks and drinks (and jokes) run out pretty fast when the plane is stranded on a tarmac in snowy Connecticut for seven hours. JetBlue’s COO apologized. People are pissed. [WCVB]

Photo Memories of Occupy Boston During the Past Month. All of those people from high school who drew a big, fat middle finger on the inside front cover of your yearbook because, gawd, yearbooks are sooo lame, are finally getting one of their very own … sort of. [Blast]

USA Today Asks: Is ESPN To Blame for Realignment in College Sports? ESPN says no way, but most of the 2,200+ words in this story point to the affirmative. [USA Today]

MIT Professor Predicts More, Intense Hurricanes. A report due out from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change will address some of the freakish weather changes and disasters in recent years. A draft summary includes a prediction that powerful storms like Hurricane Katrina will increase in strength and speed, but may not actually increase in frequency. Massachusetts Institute of Technology meteorology professor Kerry Emanuel, who studies the climate’s effect on hurricanes, disagrees. [AP]

And the Obvious Pun Headline of the Day Goes to … the Herald, for clever use of the word ‘like’ for a story about Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s do-over. Sigh. [Boston Herald]