Dear Newt: Massachusetts is a Fine Example for U.S.

What’s that, Newt Gingrich? You don’t want America to turn into Massachusetts? No? What part of the Bay State don’t you like?

Is it that we’re in the top 10 for wealthiest states?

Or that we’re one of the most educated states, with more than 60 percent of residents having attended college and 16 percent boasting a graduate degree?

Is that our unemployment is down to 7 percent, well below the national average of 8.6 percent?

Or that 95 percent of our residents actually have health insurance?

Is the fact that our sports teams have been winning championship after championship the past decade?

Sure, Massachusetts has problems. But really, we’re a pretty good example when it comes to wealth, education, employment, health insurance, and winning. Then again, that’s probably not something you’re used to, Newt.